Michael R. Walker Foundation formerly known as Genesis Employee Foundation (GEF) was created in 2005 as a non profit charitable organization to help our employees through unforeseen severe hardships such as the loss of a family member, sudden extreme medical illness, loss of a home due to a natural disaster or fire, and relocation assistance with safe affordable housing due to domestic violence. The Foundation is proudly funded mainly through employee donations that make this valuable resource available to their coworkers in need. Because of our donations, the Foundation has been able to award over $10 million in grant assistance to thousands of our employees in need.  Together, we are making a difference through Giving, Helping and Caring for one another. 


Mr. Walker was instrumental in the development and growth of the skilled nursing industry as we know it today. In 1985, he founded Genesis Health Ventures with 9 centers in New England, servicing as its Chairman and Chief Executive from 1985 to 2002. He and his management team set out to transform the long-term care industry. 

He believed that nursing homes should be proactive centers of health care rather than centers focused solely on custodial care for the elderly. Through his leadership, Genesis grew into a public company with more than 200 centers across 13 states, servicing high-acuity Medicare patients who needed intensive nursing care, rehabilitation therapy, and other support services to recover from acute illness or injury, in addition to long-term care. 

Mr. Walker recognized that it was important to care for those who care for others. His legacy lives on through the industry that he transformed as well as the Foundation that now bears his name.