The care that has been shown to our Genesis and affiliated employees has certainly grown through the years.  Because of you, to date, the Foundation has been able to award more than $9.5 million to over 8,000 employees in need. 

We are honored to share the gratitude of one our employees whose life has been deeply touched. 

Meet Roselyn

In late August, after many doctor visits and tests, I was given the diagnosis of lung cancer. This was devastating news. I had missed work and fallen behind in my bills, and I was preparing to go out on a medical leave. I reached out to several local resources, but, due to the pandemic, the majority of relief programs had already been exhausted. I honestly didn’t know where to turn. I shared my medical and financial hardships with my HR Manager, and she told me about the Foundation. As I prepared to face one of the hardest times of my life, I was uplifted by my center who sent me off with a party, personal donations from co-workers and t-shirts custom made that said, “We Got This. She’s Not Fighting Alone.”  The love and support continued with a grant from GEF to help me through my treatment. There are no words that can express how appreciative and grateful I am for the generosity of the Foundation, my center and all of you for your overwhelming support, compassion and financial assistance. I cried with relief; I have never worked for a company that showed such care and compassion for each other.”