How to Request a Grant? 

The Michael R. Walker Foundation formerly known as “GEF” assist employees who are experiencing unforeseen hardships related to medical, funeral, domestic abuse and natural disaster expenses.  

All grant applicants must be an active Genesis HealthCare, affiliated or joint venture employee. 

The Foundation also works closely with Genesis HealthCare and affiliates to provide all eligible employees access to the Employee Assistance Program “EAP” through HMS to provide counseling, legal and other resources that may offer additional assistance to employees through times of hardship. The Foundation may require employees to seek EAP prior to being considered for a grant. 

If you or know someone that is struggling, please fill out one of the grant applications that apply to your current need. You can apply online below or through Genesis Intranet site by visiting “Michael R. Walker Foundation” on Central.  Once the grant application is submitted, please send all supporting documentation by email to or fax to 610-347-6217.  

All grant applicants will be held at the highest amount of confidentiality. Grant information and all supporting documentation is never shared outside of the Foundation. The grant applicant, their supervisor and anyone who assist employees with the grant submission process, is also expected to protect the confidential information.  

The Foundation does not approve grant requests for situations not qualifying as as unforeseen hardship in a grant category. For example, grant requests for auto repairs, home maintenance/improvements, divorce/legal fees, etc. are currently not eligible

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